Business Opportunities

CCA International Limited

The business of CCA is the development, marketing and management of prestigious private clubs. CCA provides its services to third party developers who share the same passion for quality products and superior financial return. As group companies would also act as owner and developer of club or resort projects from time to time, it gives CCA the ability to fully understand the needs of investors.

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International Associate Clubs

IAC's role is to administer reciprocity arrangements between private clubs in its network, benefiting clubs and members alike. IAC was conceived over 30 years ago and has over 200 private membership clubs worldwide.

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Palmerston Hotels & Resorts

Palmerston Hotels & Resorts operates the Palmerston brand for luxury boutique hotels and integrated resorts with hotel, spa, and real-estate components, as well as the Palmerston Club & Residences concept, specially catered to upmarket serviced residents developments.

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Palmerston Golf Inc

Palmerston Golf Inc. (PGI) – One of the leading international firms in the business of Golf. PGI is a specialist company providing development, planning, marketing, management and advisory services in the field of golf and country clubs and golf resorts.

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