A hat-trick of summer editions on 3 different continents for IAC members to enjoy

New Clubs
June 28, 2019

So far this summer we have been busy growing the network and are proud to welcome Cercle de Wallonie – Château Mélot, The Village Club, and Sunplay Club.

Cercle de Wallonie – Château Mélot in Namur, Belgium is situated on a hilltop overlooking the river Meuse, once representing the western borderline of the Roman empire. The Château itself, built in 1914 and the former home of a Belgian politician, is now home to wonderful members Club with exceptional meeting, conference and dining facilities, all accompanied by an amazing view.

Cercle de Wallonie – Château Mélot

We also welcome The Village Club, located in suburban Detroit. Originally purchased as a barn and schoolhouse in 1919, it was latterly converted a women’s club focusing on charity and education. After expansive renovations to meet the growing requirements of its members last decade, it is now home to a large membership, which helps promote philanthropy statewide.

The Village Club

Over in Thailand, we are happy to present to IAC members the Sunplay Club, opening this August. Set amidst beautiful tropical gardens, sunset sea views, and a private Club and Resort offer a plethora of facilities for those interested in sport, wellness and dining. A luxury concierge service is also on hand. The Club is located two hours drive outside Bangkok, and is affiliated with a country club offering premium golf facilities.

Sunplay Club

For more information on these clubs as well as others, please click on the “Clubs & Benefits” tab.

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