SGM-FX, Your Private and Corporate FX Broker

February 14, 2018

SGM-FX delivers a foreign exchange offering that matches the needs of both our private and corporate clients through excellent exchange rates and a first class timely and responsive service.


IAC Members with registered addresses in Europe and the UK can claim an SGM-FX PrepaidCurrency Wallet Mastercard® for either personal or corporate use.


It is a multicurrency prepaid card which can hold up to 10 different currencies and can be used at over 34 milion worldwide merchants which accept Mastercard® online or in-store.


There are no fees for withdrawing cash from ATMs, no subscription fee and there is 0% commission when making payments.


Visit to find out more


Please email and request information for a card quoting Ref IAC.


Terms and Conditions can be found here.



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