Third Space (Under Development)

  • Chennai,
  • Chennai,
  • Chennai,

Based on a term coined by Sociologist Ray Oldenburg, Third Space is the space where people spend time between Home (the ‘first’ space) and Work (the ‘second’ space). The Third Space is where people truly come alive in body, mind and spirit, exchanging ideas, building relationships, being themselves, having a good time.

  • Country Club
  • Accommodation
  • Conference & Meetings
  • Athletic
  • Swimming Pool

Rooms Available for Visiting Members
Olympic Sized Swimming Pool
Large Selection of Athletic Facilities
Conference & Meeting Rooms


THIRD SPACE club is reckoned to be the largest family club in South India, designed to appeal to every member of the family. Nestled between the sea and the Great Salt Lake, on the ever-popular ECR, is a space that you could call a peaceful sanctuary. Or a high-octane social club. A space that has been imagined, designed, and created for the pleasure of unadulterated entertainment, relaxation, and business. In terms of amenities, the Club is unrivaled in terms of space dedicated to it. Everything from games, sports, networking , reading, dancing and more is catered for.

Club Rules

  • Dress Code N / A
  • Age Restriction N / A
  • Dogs Allowed
  • Smoking Not Allowed

Opening Hours



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