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  • Drivers & Business Club Munich (opening 21st October 2019) — Munich, Germany
  • Bali National Golf Club — Bali, Indonesia
  • Capital Club Bahrain — Manama, Bahrain

We are a global network that opens doors to almost 250 of the most illustrious private membership clubs worldwide, coordinating member reciprocal visits between clubs in the network.

There are IAC clubs in more than 40 countries with a wide range of amenities, including some 60 golf courses, over 100 clubs with athletic and/or sports facilities and, for that business trip, prestigious venues suitable for conferences or entertainment in key cities worldwide. When travelling, simply log on to our website for details of available facilities at your destination. Present your IAC membership card and enjoy the welcome reserved for valued members.

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New Clubs

Drivers & Business Club Munich to open on October 18th


Berlin to mark the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall with citywide festival

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