Terms & Conditions

Membership Terms

Membership to International Associate Clubs (‘IAC’) is issued under the following Terms and Conditions and in conjunction with the participating club’s By-Laws and Rules and Regulations:

The Member understands that IAC issues the card on the basis that the information provided by the Member is and will remain true and correct. The Member must notify IAC promptly in writing of any changes of his/her residential or office address, telephone, fax and email address.

Membership is available to persons over 18 years of age.

Membership provides the Member with non-resident membership privileges at all clubs that form the IAC network, which are located more than 200 kilometres from the Member’s place of residence. In the case of Singapore & Hong Kong SAR: Singapore / Hong Kong based Club Members receive access to all Clubs which must be outside Singapore’s / Hong Kong’s borders.

The membership card remains the property of IAC and is not transferable by the member. Furthermore, all membership fees paid to IAC are non-refundable.

The Member is required to present his/her IAC membership card at the Associate Clubs that he/she is visiting and to pay for all charges for the consumption of food and beverages, usage of facilities, purchase of goods at the pro-shops and any other charges for which the Member is liable prior to departure from the club visited by cash or credit card.

In the case of IAC membership card(s) being lost or stolen, the Member is liable for all charges incurred prior to their notification in writing to IAC Office. The Member is to render IAC the applicable administration fee for replacement of each card.

Membership to IAC does not confer upon the Member any ownership of or liability for the property and assets owned by IAC.

Any member may resign from IAC by giving not less than thirty (30) days notice by registered post to IAC, by returning the membership card(s), and by paying all charges for which such Member is liable. Upon resignation of membership, he/she shall not thereafter be subject to any further charges.

IAC cannot be held responsible for disputes that may occur between the member and an establishment or service, although every endeavour is made to ensure that information is correct.

IAC cannot accept responsibility for printing errors, omissions, changes or misrepresentations which may occur, particularly if a directory becomes out of date.

Benefits may not be applicable during certain periods and are subject to change without notice, so we recommend always obtaining confirmation of terms when making reservations.

The membership card is not a credit card, nor proof of creditworthiness.


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